Thursday, February 6, 2014

French Country Style Balances Painted and Natural Wood Finishes

Often when people think of French Country Style they think of painted finishes. After all, Rachel Ashwell coined the term "Shabby Chic" by utilizing the already established French Country Style (although she is English). She would simply go to flea markets and buy furniture then take it home and paint it (often white) then add lots of soft, gardenesque accessories which were often also found at tag sales, estate sales and flea markets. However, sometimes beautiful furnishings, floors, doors or cabinets look amazing in their natural state with a simple stain or varnish on them. French Country Style is a beautiful blending of both painted and natural wood finishes. Being able to see the grain of the wood is very pleasing to the eye but t0o much can be a bit overwhelming, dark and sometimes melancholy. Mixing painted wood with natural wood finishes is pleasing to the eye and sets the stage for a room one will want to linger in.